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Tumblr dedicated to actress Marg Helgenberger.
We are two girls, Celina and Karina.


In honour of the Queen of CSI, Catherine Willows. We will miss you greatly.

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CSI Willows all decked out in her gear.

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Jerrod Cooper: Hello?
Catherine: Oh hey
Jerrod Cooper: Who’s this? I just dialed my own damn beeper.
Catherine: Uh uh. It’s my beeper now. I found it
Jerrod Cooper: It ain’t yours. That’s my beeper. I do some serious business on that beeper.
Catherine: What kind of business?
Jerrod Cooper: You know. Slangin’ a little somethin’ somethin’ maybe
Catherine: A little somethin’ somethin’? Maybe a little bling bling?
Jerrod Cooper: What you know bout some bling bling?
Catherine: Invite me over to your crib baby and you might find out.
Jerrod Cooper: Three Aces Motel. Room 202.
Catherine: Three Aces Motel. Room 202.See you then
Catherine: Did I just do that?
Sara: What’s a bling bling?
Catherine: Got me.

Love this…

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Marg Helgenberger - Vanity Fair MontBlanc Party - February 21,2012


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Oh Catherine!

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